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Come pursue a career as a special police officer! After completing your training with Archangel you will be fully certified and qualified to work in a profession that offers you several benefits; including flexible scheduling and an interesting work environment with exciting work assignments that provide a sense of dignity and pride that few jobs offer. Come learn, have fun and receive the best training in DC!

Special Police Officer

A Special Police Officer or SPO, is any person who is commissioned and approved to be a privately hired police officer with full arrest powers within an area or premises which the officer has been employed to protect.

Armed SPO's are required to complete a 40-hour course before they can be licensed as an armed SPO. This course includes classroom instruction to discuss the policy on the Use of Force, Use of Force Continuum, Handling of services weapons, weapon safety, when SPO's may discharge their firearm and when discharging a firearm is prohibited. All of this is followed by a written examination and a weapons qualification at a firing range. Students will also be certified in the use of a tactical baton, pepper spray and handcuffing.

Topics covered in class are but not limited to:

Upon completion, students are sworn in as a law enforcement officer and will be able to provide contracted police services on your post. These services include conducting investigations and the power of arrest.

Unarmed Special Police Officer

Unarmed SPO's are just as important as our Armed SPO's. Not all clients want to present a firearm at their facility. The training regime for Unarmed SPO's is the same as Armed SPO's without the additional firearm safety and gun range exams. Come learn, grow, and become a trusted member in a work force that is always looking for great people!

Security Guards

Security guards prevent risks, deter criminals, watch out for looming danger and report any crime they encounter. Though they do not have the authorities of a special police officer, they are a pivotal part of our society. Let Archangel train you not only to be prepared for the field, but to be the best in it.

DC Concealed Carry Weapon

This class meets the requirements necessary for students to obtain their Washington DC Concealed Carry Weapon permit. It consists primarily of classroom lecture that covers permit protocols, general do's and don'ts, legal issues, use of force laws, basic firearm safety and a review of basic marksmanship.

Beginner Pistol Safety Course

The students in this class will have actual hands on training with the firearm. This Pistol Shooting Safety Course combines instructional activity, hands on training with a handgun and actual range time. Shooting under the direct supervision of NRA certified instructors.


Armed SPO

Unarmed SPO

Security Guard

Armed SPO Renewal

Baton, Handcuff, OC Spray

Concealed Carry (CCW)

DC Law for CCW


Beginner Pistol

Non-refundable down payment of $50 to hold your seat. Balance is due the first day of training.

Certification Awarded

Course completion students will receive a certificate of completion and certification which is valid for the period of time until such time as departmental policy requires a re-certification. SPO's will also receive a certification of completion from Archangel Global Security showing the completion and merit of completing your course.

About the Chief

John Ayala was born and raised in Staten Island, NY. At the age of 14, he joined a group determined to deter crime and council youths on living a drug free life and work to provide a positive impact within the community. Four years later in 1989, John relocated to Washington, DC and started the DC Guardian Angels chapter with the same goals in mind. It became a well known anti-crime nonprofit organization that relied on its volunteers which provided safety and a road for individuals who were lost to find their way back to society.

In 2003, Mr Ayala joined with his wife Wanda to start an agency in DC to provide private security that worked in conjuction with the Metro Police Department. Since the start of their company, Archangel Global Security, they have provided safety for private communities, retail companies, restaurants, construction sites, and Presidential inauguration.

All officers that work in their company are personally trained by John prior to putting them on assignment. In addition to providing security to companies and private hire, Archangel houses a training academy to educate and train citizens applying for special police or security guard certification.

Chief John Ayala is a certified instructor through the Metropolitan Police Department, United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), and the National Rifle Association (NRA) to provide concealed carry permits. He is authorized to train and educate in the use of force, use of the 38 calibur revolver, 9mm semi-automatic pistol, expandable baton, and oleoresin capsicum spray dispensers. Additionally, Mr Ayala is a certified instructor through the Department of Criminal Justice Services for training citizens in armed security officer and arrest authority.

Seeking employment at Archangel

Archangel is always looking to hire the next great Special Police Officers in the DC area! Here at AGS you can get experience and establish yourself as an SPO. We provide additional trainings beyond the normal that connect you with local MPD officers, establish relationships with your fellow officers within the company, and offer a better quality of work. Additionally we have company outings as an Archangel family and internal award ceremonies to create fun competition together. If you are interested, call our office to learn more!

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